Help! I forgot my password.

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So you can’t remember the password to log into your computer, otherwise known as your Windows -- or Active Directory -- password. If you are in an ORR office, no problem. Simply send an email to servicedesk@orrcorp.com with your username and a phone number to reach you. We will reset it for you and contact you with the new password. Once you log in with your new password, you will be prompted to change it.

But what if you’re not in an ORR office? Well, it's a little more complicated, but we can still help. If you have internet access, you can email us at servicedesk@orrprotection.com.

“Well, I can’t send an email if I can’t log in.” That’s still an easy fix. Just call 502.882.6885 or dial extension 1111 from a company desk phone to speak to a friendly Louisville Geek (LG) professional to solve the issue. LG is available to answer your call 24 hours a day Monday - Friday.

“Now I’m signed into Windows but I forgot my Google password to get to my apps.” Simply click the Forgot Password? link below the Enter your Password field and follow the on-screen instructions to reset it. On the off chance that Google is being cranky and you can’t get signed in, just give us a call 502.882.6885 or dial extension 1111.

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