Help! I Can't Find an Email in my Inbox.

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“Help! My extremely important customer sent me an email and it’s not in my inbox”

No worries, we’ll find it. There are a couple of ways of going about it.

Google was founded waaaaay back in 1996 as . . . you guessed it, a search engine. So their search capabilities are pretty strong. At the very top of Gmail there is a search bar. Just type in anything you can think of related to the email you are looking for and Google will find it. It can be the user's name, email address, or even a key word that would be in the subject or body of the email. Press enter and Gmail will display a list of emails that meet your criteria. Want to get fancy with your searches? Read more about it here: Gmail Advanced Search

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OK, so it might not impress your friends but we think it’s pretty cool.

Back to your missing email. Gmail has a feature called Categories. They are Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. You can see these categories at the top of your inbox. Google will attempt to categorize your emails and place them in the correct place. Shhhhh, don’t tell Google but sometimes they get it wrong. If you find an email in the wrong category simply drag it to the correct category. Gmail will ask if you want to put all future emails from that sender to the new category, click YES. Done! All future emails from that sender will show in the new category. Think of it as training your inbox.

“But these categories are ridiculous, I don’t like it. I want all my emails to show up under Primary.”

Your wish is Google’s command. Follow these steps to turn off all or certain categories.

  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner 
  • Click See all Settings
  • Click the Inbox tab at the top
  • Uncheck the categories you don’t want
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes
Now any email that would have gone into the category you turned off will show up in the Primary category.

Hint: While you are on the settings page we recommend clicking the General tab, find the Conversation View setting, and turn it off. We think that view is just plain confusing.

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