Four Associates Move on But Leave a Lasting Impression.

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A message from Ray Aldridge.

I heard a quote years ago that I really like. I don’t remember it word-for-word, but it said something like “we are warmed by fires built by others.” I think that the meaning is obvious. Others have started something in the past and now we are benefiting from their efforts.

We have about 275 employees at ORR Corporation today. Some of you have been here for many years, others of you are relatively new. All of us have benefited from the hard work of many associates that are still here, but we have also benefited a great deal from many of past ORR associates. I remember associates like Mike Johnson, Steve Carter, Randy Hardman, Brian Fabel, Tim Pullum, Randy Hamilton, Dave Roberts, and Shel Johnson. These were outstanding associates who left a lasting impression on our company, and we are thankful for their time with us.  

We are about to see four more associates move on from ORR and into the next phase of their lives. They have all had a significant role in the development and growth of our company, and they will be missed. In essence, they have helped to build that fire we are warmed by. 

They are (in no particular order):

Debbie Ludwig, accounting manager. Debbie started just a few months after I did, some 28 years ago. She has been the leader of our accounting department for both InspectionLogic and ORR Protection, and she has done a fabulous job. She is a diligent and conscientious associate. We came to depend on her and she constantly delivered. She is a proud mother and grandmother, and a source of all kinds of helpful information about how to do anything from removing a stain to finding deals that will save you money. After more than 28 years, she is retiring, and we are thrilled for her. I don’t know a lot of things but I do know this, although Debbie will retire, she will remain incredibly busy. She is someone who doesn’t let a lot of moss grow under her feet. Thank you Debbie, you were a big part of our growth and success, and we wish you the best.  

Marty Massman, operations manager. Marty is also leaving after 28 years. I believe Marty was the second person that I hired after I started working at ORR Protection. Brian Nichter (Jonathan Nichter’s uncle) and I drove up to meet Marty somewhere in Illinois. But we didn’t really need to drive there because Bud Orr had already told us that we were going to hire Marty. Bud believed in Marty, and he had good reason to. Marty has been a key associate in many of our biggest projects in the midwest, and his connections in the telecommunications industry have proven to be incredibly valuable time after time.You can’t talk to Marty for five minutes without him laughing, or you laughing, or both. ORR owes a great debt of gratitude to Marty, there is no doubt that we would not be where we are today in the midwest without Marty’s many contributions.

Ken Prophater, designer. Ken has been a constant performer in our engineering department for over 26 years. Most recently he has been a key contributor in our power generation business unit. Ricky Reynolds is a huge fan of Ken because of his product and application expertise. Ken is one of our strongest CO2 designers, and we have depended on his contributions in many of our most significant power generation projects.    

Mike McCane, account manager in Orlando. Mike McCane has been one of the most successful sales associates in our company’s history. His excellent technical knowledge combined with his genuine ability to connect to people proved to be a winning formula that propelled him to become a superstar in our company. He knew everybody and knew how to talk to anyone. I can’t remember how many times I would hear about Mike and a customer out on his boat fishing in the ocean. Mike grew up in Cincinnati but moved to Florida and never looked back. Mike retired recently and I want to express to him our gratitude and appreciation for his outstanding contributions to our company for over a decade.  

I will miss these four associates, but I am happy for them and the excitement that they are taking with them into their new future. Please join me in wishing them success and prosperity.

About the AuthorRay Aldridge

Ray is the CEO of ORR Corporation and President of ORR Protection.