Farewell and Thank you to Kody Gerber

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I want to acknowledge the outstanding service of one of the most active and enthusiastic resources in IT as he moves on to fulfill his career goals. 

Kody Gerber started with ORR as a back office associate in July of 2017. Less than a year later his technical skills and understanding of how our systems worked led him into the Business Systems Support Specialist role. Kody worked hard to learn SalesForce and became a consistent and useful member of the IT team in providing SalesForce administration, data management, and reporting. 

Along the way, Kody’s knowledge of how our technicians and back office personnel performed their jobs gave him great insight into how to solve operational and systems-related issues. During his tenure with ORR Kody consistently responded to literally hundreds of requests for service and did so as a remote worker long before remote working was a company standard. 

A few years ago, Kody came to me and asked to be sent to classes to learn more about SalesForce. I explained that our future was not going to include SalesForce and recommended some other areas of study. But Kody reminded me that we were still years away from transitioning off SalesForce, and the education he would receive would offer immediate value. His training in SalesForce administration has been invaluable to us, even as we planned our move to Odoo.

This week Kody informed us that he had an opportunity with another company that could better leverage his training and education. Though we would love for Kody to continue with us at ORR, I never want to stand in the way of someone pursuing his or her career preferences. I would like to personally thank Kody for his years of service, and his influence and support of our associates, particularly in the western region. 

Kody’s last day will be December 24, 2021. Please join me in wishing him well in all his future endeavors.

About the AuthorBruce Aldridge

Bruce is the Vice President of Information Technology and ePMO for ORR Corporation.