Fall Brings Significant Changes to ORR

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I hope this message finds you well. As we march into Fall, in many parts of the country the colors of the foliage are starting to change. Our company is going through significant changes as well.  

The first topic I want to address is the recent systems issues we experienced. While the fault of no one, the system disruption we experienced could have caused significant disruption to our company and customers over an extended period of time. But that didn’t happen thanks to our dedicated IT team and supporting associates. I’d first like to recognize Jim Herr for his leadership in keeping everyone informed as we worked through the issues. Jim has a lot of big plates spinning at the same time but you would never know it - his work ethic and ability to handle stress, especially when the stakes are high, are second to none. Next, I’d like to point out the brilliant work of Bruce Aldridge and his team of Bob Neville, Sean Murphy, and Jonathan Nichter. This team worked tirelessly from a technical standpoint to keep our company operational and to restore our critical system functionality. These guys are IT wizards and they never took their foot off the gas, especially when the pressure was intense. Next, I want to point out the tremendous work by Lisa Colvin and Kody Gerber. Lisa and Kody interfaced with our technician team to keep them productive in the field and answered the many questions that came in. I’m sure there are more associates who deserve recognition but I wanted to be sure to cover the core group who were on the front line of the challenge. Many thanks to all of you for coming together as a team and refusing to give up when our company needed you the most. Awesome work and well done!

Next, I’d like to address the vaccine mandates that we have talked about several times before. Thank you for participating in the recent surveys to help us understand where we are as a company with our associates being vaccinated. If you have not participated yet, please do as this is important to our ability to service our customers. The vaccine mandate is a situation that is unfolding before us. You may have seen in the news recently the problems with the U.S. Air Traffic Control (ATC). As federal employees, all ATC personnel are required to be vaccinated and as you can imagine, not all air traffic controllers want to be vaccinated. As a result, there are rumors of an ATC strike and/or staffing issues. As I have expressed before, the vaccine mandate is a very challenging situation for our company. While ORR has avoided mandates, we have customers, and now the government, instituting vaccine requirements. To service our customers and keep our business running, we need as many associates vaccinated as possible.  Adding to the challenge is the possibility that OSHA could fine us $14,000 per employee who isn’t vaccinated by a certain date. Needless to say, this is a complicated matter and we are exploring all options that will allow us to satisfy the needs of our associates and customers alike.

The last area of change that I want to address is the move to Google Workspace and eventually to our new operating system, Odoo. Personally, the recent system disruptions we experienced forced my hand in moving to Google. I have been pleasantly surprised with how intuitive it is and at this point. I’m not missing Microsoft Office at all. A big driver for the decision to move to Google is the near-seamless integration it will have with Odoo. ORR Protection has been starving for a more effective operating system for years and we are on the precipice of making that happen. With every significant change to our operating system, there will be bumps in the road. Many of you have seen the promise that Odoo offers and I am confident that the discomfort of the change will be well worth it in the long run.

Both of our companies, ORR Protection and InspectionLogic are healthy and growing. In fact, FY2021 will be record revenues for both companies and there are many opportunities on the horizon that tell us we will continue to grow. While growth is exciting, it isn’t easy. I personally appreciate the dedication and can-do attitude of our associates throughout ORR. It makes all the difference to our company and our customers and it is reason for all of us to be proud. Both ILC and OPS provide valuable services to customers who are critical to our national security, infrastructure, and quality of life to name a few. The work that we do is bigger than us as a company and I think it is important to remind ourselves of that fact.

My thanks to all ORR Associates for giving your best to our company day in and day out. We are on the right track and I truly believe that we are involved in a company transformation that will take our performance to new heights. These are exciting and challenging times. I’m grateful and proud to navigate them with you.

About the AuthorClark Orr

Clark Orr is the Chairman of ORR Corporation.