Closing Out 2021 on a High Note

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A message from Clark Orr.

I’m pleased to report that ORR Protection received some excellent news last Friday. Two of our account managers, Derek Wickersham and Howard Klippel, received significant purchase orders for power generation projects. Howard was awarded a $1.2mm purchase order and Derek received two orders totaling $2.8mm! Congratulations and thank you to Howard, Derek, and the Power Generation team for the wins! What a great way to end the calendar year and send us into the holidays in high spirits!

InspectionLogic continues their hot streak of success with a record monthly revenue in October of $800k! Year to date, they are blowing their revenue and profit targets out of the water. The financial performance is a testament to the value proposition that ILC delivers to the LDAR market through excellent team work, innovation and quality. Congratulations and thank you to the ILC team!

As 2021 comes to a close, I like to reflect the many things we have to be grateful for over the past year. We have had more than our fair share of challenges from a system disruption, the continuing pandemic, vaccine mandates, etc. Our company continues to rise to the occasion to take care of our customers in the face of the external challenges. For that, I am incredibly grateful to each of you and for the results we are able to collectively achieve.  

May God continue to bless each of you and our company. Best wishes for safe and fun holiday season. We will talk again in 2022!

About the AuthorClark Orr

Clark Orr is the Chairman of ORR Corporation.