Top 5 Solutions to Fire Protection Challenges

Posted by Zach Nelson on Apr 5, 2016 4:33:00 PM

LOUISVILLE, KY – IFMA and ORR Protection Systems will be hosting fire protection expert, Lee Kaiser, in a webinar explaining how to address the common ailments in fire protection systems with an uncommon expertise in Beeps, Leaks, and Easy Tweaks: Top 5 Solutions to Fire Protection Challenges.

Fire alarm and suppression systems are installed to protect your business, your people, and your property. Yet, these systems often become irritating problems due to recurring issues like false alarms or costly emergency service calls at inconvenient times. In this event, you will learn why these problems seem to persist and what you can do to fix any existing issue while avoiding others in the future.

The webinar is taking place on Thursday, April 14th at 12:00pm PST (3:00pm EST) and is free to attend. Instructions on how to join are available on the event website: Beeps, Leaks, and Easy Tweaks: Top 5 Solutions to Fire Protection Challenges.

About Your Presenter:
Lee Kaiser, P.E.
ORR Protection Systems
Sr. Engineering Manager

  • Fire Protection Engineer (F.P.E.)
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Principal Member NFPA 75 Technical Committee on Electronic Computer Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems Association Technical Committee
  • 19 Years Volunteer Fire Department

For more information on this event, visit or call 800.347.9677.

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