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ORR Protection Announces 2016 Seminar Series

Posted by Zach Nelson on Dec 16, 2015 6:00:00 PM

ORR Protection Systems will be hosting its annual seminar series beginning in January and running through May of 2016. This year’s topic is:

ORR Protection 2016 SeminarCauses and Cures for the Top 7 Fire Protection Challenges

What is the health of your fire protection? Fire alarm and suppression systems are installed to protect your business, your people, and your property. Yet, these systems often become irritating problems due to recurring issues like false alarms or costly emergency service calls at inconvenient times.

ORR’s 2016 Seminar Series is designed to address the common ailments in your fire protection system with an uncommon expertise. In Causes and Cures for the Top 7 Fire Protection Challenges, you will learn why these problems seem to persist and what you can do fix existing issues while avoiding others in the future.

Additionally, by the end of this seminar, you will finally understand the fire code requirements for the inspection, testing, and maintenance of your fire protection systems—saving you valuable time, money, and maybe even someone’s life.

In this seminar, the Experts will teach you:

  • How your fire systems operate
  • Common reasons systems may fail
  • Why corrosion occurs in pre-action sprinklers and how to fix it
  • How to avoid remodeling nightmares with your fire alarm system
  • NFPA requirements for code-compliant inspection and testing

Bonus Session: Trailblazing Technologies in Fire Detection

At ORR, we continually research and evaluate new trailblazing technologies that we believe will have a major impact on how the industry will design and install fire systems in the future. In this bonus session, our Experts will discuss the newest fire-detection trailblazers with the greatest potential to quickly become game-changing in fire protection.

These new products are actively influencing the way engineers design fire systems today and in the future. You do not want to miss this session!

  • Learn why air sampling may replace traditional spot smoke detectors
  • Discover why air sampling smoke detection is evolving at warp speed
  • Evaluate trailblazing technologies for your future fire detection needs

Who should attend:

  • Facility Managers, Building Engineers & Maintenance Personnel
  • Architects, Engineers, Designers, Contractors, Estimators, Risk Managers
  • AHJs, Building Inspectors, Plan Examiners & Fire Marshals
  • Critical Environments Mgr., Data Center Personnel, Data Center Architects & Engineers
  • Business Leaders, Consultants, Safety Managers Anyone who makes fire protection decisions

Online: orrprotection.com/seminars
Email: seminars@orrprotection.com
Phone: 800.347.9677 ext 4523
Price: $69.00 Value per person check or credit card

CEU Training Certificate
4 Professional Development Hours
Register Now—Seating is Limited

About Your Presenter:
Lee Kaiser, P.E.
ORR Protection Systems
Sr. Engineering Manager

  • Fire Protection Engineer (F.P.E.)
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Principal Member NFPA 75 Technical Committee on Electronic Computer Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems Association Technical Committee
  • 19 Years Volunteer Fire Department

Seating is limited. Don't miss out. Register today by simply clicking the image below, selecting your city and filling out your details to reserve your spot. 

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