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2017 Seminar Series: Trailblazing Technologies in Fire Protection

Posted by ORR Protection on Dec 6, 2016 11:00:00 AM

 ORR Protection Systems is excited to announce that registration is now open for our 2017 Seminar Series, Trailblazing Technologies in Fire Protection! Led by Fire Protection Expert Lee Kaiser, the series will make its way to 19 cities across the country. Each seminar includes a breakfast, lasts about 4 hours, and is an opportunity to hear from fire protection experts on hot topics within the industry.

Fire Protection Trailblazing Technologies and Seminar Series with ORR Protections
Innovative Solutions for Persistent Problems 

Technology advancements in fire protection are consistently improving to reduce loss, enhance facility safety, and protect lives. During our 2017 Series, you will learn how fire suppression systems are used for a wide range of critical hazards. We will also examine state-of-the-art technologies, particularly looking at their function, operation, and how they provide precise detection. 

Building owners, facilities managers, architects, engineers, and anyone who works in a building where fire hazards are present will not want to miss this opportunity to learn about the latest fire protection products and how they benefit all stakeholders.

New Technologies Covered by the Experts
  1. Learn why air sampling may replace traditional spot smoke detectors.
  2. Evaluate trailblazing technologies for your future fire detection and suppression needs.
  3. Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
  4. Addressable Air Sampling Smoke Detectors
  5. Clean Agent Suppression
  6. Water Mist
  7. Carbon Dioxide Systems
Bonus Session! The Path to Corrosion-Free Sprinkler Systems

Corrosion risks in fire sprinkler systems include life safety, destruction of property, and downtime. This bonus session with our experts will cover the complete life-cycle improvement method for pre-action sprinkler systems. The session will also include case studies of real facilities where system investigation, damage mitigation, and future protection have worked to overcome the problems encountered in most installations.

Protect yourself from unseen problems!
  1. Learn what causes corrosion and the problems it leads to, including water damage, plugging problems, reduced hydraulic performance, and reduced service life.
  2. Evaluate detection and nitrogen prevention technologies for your existing system.
Who Should Attend
Whether it's your 14th time attending or your first, there is value for everyone who attends. Those who should attend include:
  1. Facility Managers, Building Engineers & Maintenance Personnel
  2. Architects, Engineers, Designers, Contractors, Estimators, Risk Managers
  3. AHJs, Building Inspectors, Plan Examiners & Fire Marshals
  4. Critical Environments Mgrs., Data Center Personnel, Data Center Architects & Engineers
  5. Business Leaders, Consultants, Safety Managers
  6. Anyone who makes fire protection decisions
Dates and Locations

From New York City to Los Angeles, we are hosting a seminar in 19 cities across the United States. If you find a location close to you, click here to register.

Austin, TX - Tuesday, January 24th

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Tuesday, February 7th

Orlando, FL - Wednesday, February 8th

Tampa, FL - Thursday, February 9th

Phoenix, AZ - Tuesday, February 28th

Los Angeles, CA - Thursday, March 2nd

New York, NY - Tuesday, April 4th

Atlanta, GA - Wednesday, April 12th

Charlotte, NC - Thursday, April 13th

Cincinnati, OH - Tuesday, April 18th

Louisville, KY - Wednesday, April 19th

Nashville, TN - Thursday, April 20th

Kansas City, KS - Tuesday, May 16th

St. Louis, MO - Wednesday, May 17th

Chicago, IL - Thursday, May 18th

Washington, DC - Tuesday, May 23rd

Philadelphia, PA - Wednesday, May 24th

Rutherford, NJ - Thursday, May 25th

Our 2017 Seminar Series starts in late January and goes through late May. Once you find your location, register now to reserve your complimentary tickets. We can't wait to see you there!

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