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Get Free Admission to our Regional MCFP Conferences through our Government Officials Grant Program

Who should request free admission?

If you are a government official responsible for critical fire protection decisions, we would love to extend you a free MFCP Regional Conference Ticket. This includes, but is not limited to fire marshals, building inspectors, city planners, and jurisdictional authorities.

What you will learn:

This conference provides a playbook to help you understand the essential elements of your Life Safety Fire Systems, the current NFPA code changes, and the requirements for Inspection, Testing & Maintenance to keep your facilities in compliance. For architects and engineers, we will also discuss system design tips for lowering maintenance cost and improving serviceability.

  • Learn the key elements for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Sprinkler, Fire Alarm & Suppression Systems.
  • Discover how to avoid the biggest fire system design problems that can cause maintenance nightmares for facility managers.
  • Learn how to react properly to fire panel alarms, supervisory and trouble signals.
  • Learn what the NFPA Code requires for building compliance.

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