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Fenwal FM-200 - Chicago Illinois

FM-200 Chicago, Illinois


FM 200 Chicago - ORR Protection Systems

  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable technology
  • Clean and non-toxic—safe for use in occupied spaces
  • Designed with maximum protection with minimal hardware, less space and lower cost
  • Wide range of product offerings for best economical fit to application
  • Compatible with all of Fenwal's various detection and control options

The Fenwal Phoenix System

The Fenwal Phoenix system is a high performance suppression system developed to provide economic protection for large fire protection projects and specialized applications. Although the Phoenix system is considered the best alternative as a drop-in replacement of your halon system, It is widely used in protection of large Telco facilities, Museums, and data storage systems for banks and financial institutions.


  • Provide active fire protection when coupled with Fenwal’s various 24 hr detection and control systems.
  • Increased flow performance allows for remote location of cylinders.
  • Increased performance deems it a virtual “Drop-in” replacement for installed Halon 1301 systems.
  • Listed and approved with 3-way directional valves for economic protection of multiple enclosures


Fenwal In-Cabinet System

The Fenwal In-Cabinet system is specifically designed and engineered to provide total flooding, clean agent fire protection for small enclosures and high-valued equipment. When coupled with Fenwal's detection and control options (which can be purchased as a kit), the In-Cabinet system can quickly detect and suppress a fire before any detrimental damage can occur. The In-Cabinet system uses the world's must trusted clean agent—FM-200®—and is well suited for protecting applications such as IT closets, UPS switchgear cabinets, data storage cabinets and archive storage enclosures.

Contact Our Chicago Office

ORR Protection Systems Chicago Office - 8350 South Madison Street, Suite 1 - Burr Ridge, IL 60527

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