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Conference Schedule


May 30th, 2019

Keynote: Minimize Fire Risk and Maximize Recovery

Lee Kaiser
VP of Engineering - ORR Protection
9:00am - 12:00pm


12:00pm - 12:30pm

Manufacturer Technical Spotlight 1

Khaleel Rehman
Director of Business Development - Xtralis
12:30pm - 1:00pm

Manufacturer Technical Spotlight 2

Derek Wickersham
Business Development Director - Water Mist Fike
1:00am - 1:30pm

Manufacturer Technical Spotlight 3

Dave Tamulevich
1:30pm - 2:00pm

Networking & Mini-Trade Show (Snacks Served)

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Local Expert Presentation

John Mertens
Fire Marshal - City of Phoenix Fire Department
3:00pm - 3:45pm

Conference Raffle and Wrap-Up

4:00pm - 4:30pm
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Companies Participating



VP of Engineering ORR Protection
  • City/Town:Louisville, KY
  • Email:lkaiser@orrprotection.com
  • Phone:502-244-4536
  • Areas of Expertise:Clean Agent Suppression, Air Sampling Smoke Detection, Watermist, CO2 High Pressure, CO2 Low Pressure, Inert Gas Suppression, Nitrogen Generation, Fire Alarms, Voice Activation, National Account Systems, Explosion Protection, Sprinkler Systems, Other
  • Bio:Lee Kaiser, VP of Engineering at ORR Protection, is a certified Fire Protection and Mechanical Engineer. He is the Chairman of the NFPA 75 Technical Committee on Electronic Computer Systems, and is an active member of the Fire Suppression Systems Association.


Minimize Fire Risk and Maximize Recovery
Dan Jasper

Dan Jasper

Northeast Regional Sales Manager
  • City/Town:Cincinnati, OH
  • Email:djasper@orrprotection.com
  • Phone:513-383-8952
  • Areas of Expertise/Bio:Clean Agent Suppression, Air Sampling Smoke Detection, CO2 High/Low Pressure, Nitrogen Generation, Fire Alarms, Explosion Protection, NICET
Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

Inside Sales/DMAC Northeast ORR Protection
  • City/Town:Louisville, KY
  • Email:medwards@orrprotection.com
  • Phone:502-244-4549
  • Areas of Expertise/Bio:National Accounts Systems & Service
Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson

V.P. Sales & Marketing ORR Protection
  • City/Town:Louisville, KY
  • Email:pnelson@orrcorp.com
  • Phone:502-777-2722
  • Areas of Expertise/Bio:Clean Agent Suppression, Air Sampling Smoke Detection, Watermist CO2 High & Low Pressure, Inert Gas Suppression, Nitrogen Generation, National Accounts Systems & Service, FSSA, NFPA, AFAA, HARC, NFPA 76 Committee Member

Greg Tabaka

Owner - Caliber Code & Fire Engineering
  • City/Town:Florida
  • Email:gtabaka@calibercfe.com
  • Areas of Expertise/Bio:

    Caliber Code & Fire Engineering specializes in solving complex code and fire protection engineering problems with focus on simplicity and coherence. We recognize that each building has unique challenges and needs a tailored approach, but also that it is unnecessary to reinvent the wheel. Our goal is to provide you with an elegant and simple solution satisfying code while preserving the aesthetics and functionality of your building. To do so, we build on our foundation of experience.

Khaleel Rehman

Khaleel Rehman

Director of Business Development - AMERICAS Xtralis
  • City/Town:Avon, MA
  • Email:Khaleel.Rehman@xtralis.com
  • Phone:917-239-3443
  • Bio:Khaleel is highly focused in developing vertical markets in AMERICAS with the Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Aviation, Aerospace and Industrial sectors. His focus is to develop major projects and create a robust pipeline, while creating long and short term revenue prospects for meeting growth expectations and results.


Xtralis Advanced Detection


Derek Wickersham

Business Development Director - Water Mist FIKE
  • City/Town:USA / Canada
  • Email:Derek.Wickersham@Fike.com
  • Phone:346-208-6060
  • Bio:Derek Wickersham is Business Development Director – Water Mist.  Derek Wickersham has spent almost 20 years in the fire sprinkler industry and has been with the Fike Corporation since 2016.  His fire sprinkler distribution and fabrication background includes sales, operations, and account management.  Derek is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), is NICET Level I Certified in Water-Based Systems Layout. Derek is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), is NICET Level I Certified in Water-Based Systems Layout, and is currently working on his Fire Science degree at Columbia Southern University.


Water Mist System Innovation

Rick Seidel

Regional Manager -
Northeast Region
  • City/Town:Northeast USA
  • Email:Rick.Seidel@Fike.com
  • Phone:267-718-4970
  • Areas of Expertise/Bio:Rick Seidel is the Northeast US Regional Sales Manager for Fike Corporation. Rick has over 20 years of experience in the Fire Protection industry, focusing on everything from Clean Agent Suppression Systems to Combustible Dust Explosion Hazards, and specializing in selecting and applying the best detection methods to achieve the earliest possible and most efficient and effective means of extinguishing a fire event for any special hazard or mission critical application. 
John Davis

John Davis

National Sales Manager FIKE
  • City/Town:USA / Canada
  • Email:john.davis@fike.com
  • Phone:585-820-5329
  • Areas of Expertise/Bio:John Davis is the Fike National Sales Manager – US/Canada. John started his career in Fire Protection and Life Safety in 1985 with over thirty-three years of service. Before joining Fike Corporation John was President/Owner of Protective Alarms, Inc., Business Unit Leader for Honeywell Building Controls, and Branch Manager for Johnson Controls. John has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science and has spent his career leading fire protection teams with a passion to help save lives and protect property

Troy Kinder

Regional Sales Manager -
Western Region
  • City/Town:Western United States
  • Email:Troy.Kinder@Fike.com
  • Phone:801-651-7689
  • Areas of Expertise/Bio:Troy is the Western US Regional Sales Manager for Fike Corporation.  He is NICET Level IV Special Hazard Systems, NICET Level II Fire Alarm, Master Alarm & Special Hazards License in Utah. Troy has experience in multiple the fire protection applications including Industrial power plants, data centers, and other commercial facilities. With over 26 years in the fire/life safety industry, Troy has performed site audits, inspections, design, and commissioning of hundreds of special hazards facilities throughout the US, Canada and Europe. 

Paul Swan

Regional Sales Manager -South-Central US FIKE
  • City/Town:USA / Canada
  • Email:Paul.Swan@Fike.com
  • Phone:346-208-6051
  • Areas of Expertise/Bio:Paul Swan is a Regional Sales Manager for the South Central U.S. at the Fike Corporation, Paul is responsible for all sales with the Special Hazards and Advanced Detection for Fike’s Fire Protection product line.  Paul has been in the Fire Protection Field for over 15 years and prior to his role he was previously a Sales Manager for the Viking Corporation, a global manufacturer of fire protection valves catering to the Industrial market. Paul is a former Staff NCO with the United States Marine Corps attached to the Ground Defense Security Forces Battalion and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Houston with a discipline in Business Management and maintains a NICET certification. 

David Hawkins

Regional Manager -
Southeast Region
  • City/Town:Southeast USA
  • Email:David.Hawkins@Fike.com
  • Phone:816-721-0625
  • Areas of Expertise/Bio:David Hawkins is a Regional Manager for the Southeast Region at Fike Corporation. He has been with Fike Corporation for the past 5 years and in the Fire and Life Safety Industry for the past 20 years. Skilled in fire suppression system principles, applications, and best practices.  David has a Bachelor of Science-Management from Belhaven University.  David holds 4 industry certifications:  NICET Level 3 - Fire Alarm, NICET Level 3 – Special Hazards, Portable and Fixed Fire Extinguishing – Specialist and Qualifying Agent –Fire, CCTV, Burg.

Brad Kappeler

Regional Sales Manager -
  • City/Town:Midwest USA
  • Email:Brad.Kappeler@Fike.com
  • Phone:816-269-6435
  • Areas of Expertise/Bio:Brad Kappeler is the Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Fike.  Brad started his career in Fire Protection and Life Safety over twenty-three years ago as a field technician, inspecting and installing fire suppression systems.  Through the years, he’s championed the fire protection industry in almost every role, as estimator, project manager, team leader, business development manager, and sales manager.  Brad has expertise covering clean agent and CO2 / inert suppression systems, Xtralis/VESDA air sampling systems, networked voice evacuation fire alarm, and mass notification systems.   Brad holds a NICET II in fire alarm and special hazards.

David Tamulevich

  • Email:david.tamulevich@honeywell.com
  • Bio:Bio information coming


ERCES / Bi-Directional Amplifier Systems

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