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Lee Kaiser posted this on November 13, 2017
We are excited to announce that registration for our 2018 Seminar Series: Fire Protection Playbook is now open! Led by ORR VP of Engineering, Lee Kaiser, this annual seminar series will make its way..Read More
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Fire Sprinkler Leaks and Corrosion: Dissolved Oxygen and Air Pockets..
Posted by Lee Kaiser on August 4, 2017
Dissolved oxygen exists naturally within water and creates corrosion-friendly air pockets within pipes of a fire suppression system. A corrosion-proof system needs safeguards in place to minimize the presence of unwanted oxygen that leads to metal breakdown...
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Fire Sprinkler Leaks and Corrosion: Nitrogen Generators and Guided..
Posted by Lee Kaiser on July 26, 2017
When you suspect corrosion in your sprinkler system pipes, or want to confirm your system is corrosion free, guided wave ultrasonic testing is one way to detect its presence. Once detected, you are then able to seek out a solution to replace damaged areas and..
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Fire Sprinkler Leaks and Corrosion: Damages and Requirements (Video)
Posted by Lee Kaiser on May 15, 2017
If you have a water sprinkler system protecting your facility, the larger concerns you have about your system probably revolve around corrosion and leaks. Corrosion, often found in steel pipes, can lead to pinhole leaks, gunk build-up, and slow water..
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Fire Sprinkler Leaks and Corrosion: Common Problems (Video)
Posted by Lee Kaiser on April 27, 2017
Although effective, using water as a fire suppressant presents a danger to any high-value assets that the system may protect. Proper testing and awareness of a sprinkler system's different hazards allows you to prevent a pin hole leak or corrosion that may..
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