Lee Kaiser posted this on July 26, 2017
When you suspect corrosion in your sprinkler system pipes, or want to confirm your system is corrosion free, guided wave ultrasonic testing is one way to detect its presence. Once detected, you are..Read More
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Fire Suppression Systems for Turbine Enclosures
Posted by Chuck Hatfield on February 7, 2017
Even though fires in turbine enclosures do not occur very frequently, they are a costly, dangerous, and looming threat if your facility does not have adequate protection. Turbine generators, used as an energy source in many plants and facilities, are powerful..
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How to Operate Your Fire Panel: Trouble and Supervisory Signals Video
Posted by Lee Kaiser on February 3, 2017
In our Causes and Cures for the Top 7 Fire Protection Challenges Seminar, Fire Protection Expert Lee Kaiser explained how fire panels operate and what operators should be aware of when using them. Watch the video below for Lee's explanation of trouble and..
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How to Operate Your Fire Panel: Alarm Signals (Video)
Posted by Lee Kaiser on January 26, 2017
During our 2016 Seminar, titled Causes and Cures for the Top 7 Fire Protection Challenges, expert Lee Kaiser talked through the most common issues with fire protection systems. In the video below, watch as Lee speaks about alarm signals and the different..
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Q&A with a Fire Protection Seminar Attendee
Posted by ORR Protection on January 23, 2017
Our Fire Protection seminar kicks off this week and we are more than excited to get the show on the road. This year, we will be visiting 19 different cities across the nation from January to May. If you would like to find out the specific topics that will be..
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