Lee Kaiser posted this on July 26, 2017
When you suspect corrosion in your sprinkler system pipes, or want to confirm your system is corrosion free, guided wave ultrasonic testing is one way to detect its presence. Once detected, you are..Read More
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Accidental System Discharges: Dirty Environments and Human Error..
Posted by Lee Kaiser on April 6, 2017
Accidents happen, it's just a fact. Accidental system discharges are no different, but there are specific ways to minimize your chances of experiencing one in your system. Resulting from your environment or human error, Fire Protection expert Lee Kaiser..
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False Fire Alarms: Where to Place Detectors (Video)
Posted by Lee Kaiser on March 31, 2017
Even to the trained eye, it can be difficult to immediately pinpoint the exact cause of a false fire alarm and know the cure to fixing it. Although every situation is different, we can typically narrow down the common causes to a few scenarios that..
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False Fire Alarms: Common Causes (Video)
Posted by Lee Kaiser on March 28, 2017
False fire alarms are a costly and potentially life-threatening problem for building owners and fire departments across the United States. In the video below, ORR VP of Engineering Lee Kaiser explains why false alarms are so problematic, the types of costs..
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Causes and Cures for Frequent Panel Troubles
Posted by ORR Protection on March 21, 2017
One of the more common issues reported to our service technicians is "My fire panel trouble light is on and cannot be turned off." There's often a misunderstanding that a trouble light can be reset, like a fire alarm or other notification. This is not the..
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