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Encore Webinar Series 

Trailblazing Technologies in Fire Protection

As an encore to our 2017 Seminar Series, Trailblazing Technologies in Fire Protection, ORR Protection is hosting a webinar series this July.

Trailblazing Technologies in Fire Protection

This webinar series will cover topics discussed during the Seminar, with the added benefit of watching remotely. In the first webinar, learn about the types of fire suppression systems, the best technology for your application, and how the technology works. The second seminar will explain the risks associated with corrosion in fire sprinkler systems, a life-cycle improvement method, and examples of overcoming corrosion related issues. The last seminar will discuss trailblazing detection technologies and guide in determining the best system for your application. 

Attend each hour-long session or just the topics that interest you: 

Learn from the Fire Protection experts! 


Join us from the comfort of your home, or desk chair. Find out more details provided on this page.

Suppression Systems Overview

Thursday, July 13th, 3-4:00pm EST

  • What will you learn?
    1. Different types of suppression systems and how they work
    2. What technologies fit your future suppression needs
    3. Demonstrations of the suppression systems' technology

The Path to Corrosion Free Sprinkler Systems

Thursday, July 20th, 3-4:00pm EST

  • What will you learn?
    1. Risks with corrosion in fire sprinkler systems
    2. Life-cycle improvement method for pre-action sprinkler systems
    3. Case studies of real facilities

New Detection Technology

Thursday, July 27th, 3-4:00pm EST

  • What will you learn?
    1. Use of engineered systems for a wide range of critical hazards
    2. Demonstrations of cutting-edge fire detection
    3. How these systems provide precise detection

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